Par Hawaii’s Fairies Win Spirit Award Supporting Navian Hawaii

July 15, 2020

Navian Hawaii’s 11th annual Hot Pursuit happened at home this year but that did not stop Par Hawaii employees from sharing their Aloha and team spirit.

The non-profit organization’s first-ever virtual event allowed family and friends to safely gather and take part in the scavenger hunt-like activities from the comfort of their homes while practicing physical distancing and adhering to state, county and federal guidelines designed to keep our communities safe.

Par Hawaii’s Mission Partnership with Navian Hawaii and support of Hot Pursuit started it’s 11th year with participants lining up online via computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, to complete the tasks that make up the Hot Pursuit.

Team Par Fairies, Jane Baron, Lani Ornelas, Eileen Leong and former employee Tricia Kadota, showcased their singing, dancing and teamwork, inspired by their personal experiences with friends and family who fought serious illness. They creatively wove our fuel brands, Hele and 76 and the nomnom convenience stores, into the tasks they performed as part of the pursuit.

Not only did they have fun, they won the Best Team Spirit Award—the second time the Par Hawaii team received this recognition—topping 26 other teams in this year’s competition.

“We want to say a special mahalo to all the employees who supported Navian Hawaii and Team Par Fairies with their online donations,” said Baron, a veteran retail employee.

The Par Hawaii team raised $2,306.84 in one week—nearly half of the total raised during the event.

Their hard work and the generosity of their supporters was recognized with a first place finish in overall company fundraising. Jane Baron and Lani Ornelas also swept the individual titles of 1st Place Top Fundraiser and 2nd Place Top Fundraiser, respectively. There was a total of 101 participants.

Par Hawaii has been a presenting sponsor of Hot Pursuit since the annual “Amazing Race”-style event began in Kaka‘ako more than a decade ago. Individuals and teams solve riddles and navigate fun physical challenges while attempting to be the first to finish.

This year, there was no time limit and participants had to respond to 19 questions online about Navian Hawai‘I’s corporate event sponsors.

Participants had to complete three tasks: balance three books on their heads while squatting five times; stack three apples, one on top of each other and making them stay in place for five seconds; and “whipper snapping” sock balls three consecutive times into a laundry basket using a towel from five feet away.

The participants each paid a $10 entry fee and were required to videotape themselves and submit it to Navian Hawai‘i before moving on to the next question.

“We are very proud to continue our Mission Partnership with Navian Hawai‘i, an organization dedicated to helping local families work through the difficult subjects of advance care planning and serious illnesses,” said Peter Boylan, Par Hawaii’s Director of Government and Public Affairs. “They provide services and programs that help thousands of families have open conversations about these delicate subjects, providing support and peace of mind.”

Last year, Navian Hawai‘i, expanded their offerings with a new service called integrated care, designed to help patients with a serious but treatable medical condition alleviate their physical and emotional pain. Proceeds from Hot Pursuit will be used to provide individualized nursing care, medical supplies and equipment, pain and symptom management, complementary therapies, grief support, and Hawaii’s only specialized pediatric program.

Mahalo, to Navian Hawaii and our Par Hawaii employees for their efforts to help Hawaii’s families during tough times.